How to Guide

  1. Navigate to and click on 'Earn Passive Yield'

  1. You'll see an overview of the lending pools available. Select the pool you'd like to deposit in

  1. You'll be able to see detailed information about your selected pool, including historical borrow rate, utilization rate, assets and protocols that pool is exposed to. On the top right corner of the page, you'll be able to enter the amount to deposit

  1. Click on 'Approve' after you've entered the amount. By approving, you will allow the Arcadia contracts to transfer your assets into the lending pool.

  1. Once the approval is done, the button will be changed to 'Deposit.' Click on 'Deposit' and confirm the transaction in your wallet. This will initiate the transfer of assets to the lending pool.

Congrats, you've now become a lender (aka a bank). You're now providing liquidity to Arcadia users and earning fees passively for doing so!

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