How to Guide

  1. Navigate to and click on 'Explore DeFi Strategies'

  1. You'll see a list of all available strategies. For a detailed overview of each Strategy, go to this page.

  1. Select and click on the Strategy that best aligned with your DeFi investment portfolio objective. An overview page for your selected Strategy shows up, where you can learn about the underlying assets contained within the strategy,

  1. You can click on the 'Info' tab on the top right corner of the page to learn more about how that Strategy works, its target user and the risks.

  1. Once you're ready, click on 'Open Strategy' in the lower right corner. This will prompt you to connect your Wallet

  1. Once your wallet is connected, you'll be taken to the deposit page. Enter the amount you want to deposit into your selected Strategy and click on 'Confirm Amount' at the bottom of the page

  1. Follow the 3 steps below:

    1. Create Account: This will create your Arcadia Account that will hold all assets of your Strategy. This should only be done once per Strategy you're using.

    2. Approve Assets: This will give approval to the Arcadia contracts

    3. Outline transaction: This will execute the transaction and invest in the strategy you selected with the assets approved in step 2 (above).

Congrats, you've invested! You're now making money with crypto all the time, whether the market goes up or down. You are earning yield on your crypto in addition to any asset growth.

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