Arcadia Finance is a set of decentralized protocols with different entities contributing to its development and adoption:

  • The Arcadia Protocol: A set of decentralized and non-custodial protocols built to serve as a novel standardized infrastructure for managing collateralized positions on blockchains. Often referred to as ‘the Protocol.’

  • The Arcadia Product: A web interface facilitating interaction with the Arcadia protocol. This interface is the first user-facing product built on top of the Arcadia protocol. Often referred to as ‘the Product.’

  • Pragma Labs: The research company that developed the Arcadia protocol, the Arcadia Product, and is developing other tools on top of the protocol.

Arcadia Protocol

The Arcadia protocol is a set of smart contracts implemented for the EVM that facilitate non-trusting parties to close financial contracts without the need for intermediaries. It combines lending and margin accounts in the same protocol to enable the creation of credit markets on-chain. Anyone can build on top of the Arcadia protocol.

Arcadia Product

It is an intent-centric web app built on top of the Arcadia protocol. It is a decentralized application that provides yield enhancement and yield optimization solutions on the most popular DeFi protocols. It works like a robo-advisor for users looking to consistently generate the highest return for their crypto assets.

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