We would like to thank 0xladboy and Lambda from Trust Securities, HollaDieWaldfee, alexxander and bytes032 from Renascense, Pashov, Ruhum and carrotsmuggler from the Pashov Audit Group and 0x52 together with the many Sherlock Watsons for helping us with security reviews for the protocol.

Arcadia V2 contracts are audited by multiple parties and underwent a Sherlock auditing contest. Each audit covered the entirety of the codebase (no partial audits).

The audit reports can be found below:

  • Nethermind (Q4 2022 - Q1 2023): complete codebase Arcadia V1

  • Trust Securities (Q4 2023): complete codebase Arcadia V2

  • Renascence (Q1 2024): complete codebase Arcadia V2

  • Pashov Audit Group (Q1 2024): complete codebase Arcadia V2

  • Sherlock Contest (Q1 2024): complete codebase Arcadia V2

The completed audits of Arcadia V2 can be found in the following Github repository:

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