What is Arcadia?

The best performing yield strategies are complex to build and execute. They often involve combining different protocols in innovative ways to maximize yields, involving a multitude of transactions across many UIs. Because yields are volatile, positions must be adjusted and rebalances must happen frequently and dynamically. If execution is not optimized, gas costs and slippage can quickly eat away your yield. Sophisticated execution tools exist, but are not widely available. All these make profitable yield strategies accessible to only a few power players.

Arcadia built an intent-centric application where users can deposit their assets into sophisticated strategies that beat staking APRs and will dynamically suggest rebalancing actions into the highest-yielding opportunities available according to each individual’s preferences and constraints. Arcadia takes advantage of the composability of DeFi to combine different protocols in interesting ways to maximize yields while providing best-in-class execution that streamline the way users interface with underlying protocols.

An Arcadia "Account", the protocol's key primitive, allows users to gain access to greater leverage than incumbent money-markets while allowing the collateral assets and the borrowed assets to be used across third-party protocols. Actions that normally would require multiple transactions, like rebalancing portfolios, unwinding one position to enter another or creating complex leveraged positions, can be executed in a single transaction using an Account.

Arcadia is built upon two guiding principles:

  • Users do not want to manage collateral, rather, they want to optimize their collateral to achieve specific objectives (e.g., increase yield, delta-hedging, diversify exposure to different protocols, etc).

  • Every DeFi user is unique, with different risk profiles and investment objectives.

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