Core Technologies

Arcadia Protocol: A set of non-custodial smart contracts, consisting of Arcadia Registry, Arcadia Accounts, and Creditors. More information here.

Yield Optimizer: An AI-based optimization engine that aid users in constructing, rebalancing, and optimizing portfolios of digital assets. It combines user data with on-chain and market data to continuously find the optimal combination of yield sources available on any specific chain (what combination of assets, in what percentages) that ensures the highest return for your assets given your objectives and risk configurations. It also automatically determines the optimal time to rebalance your existing positions to maximize yield while minimizing risk. It’s like your DeFi co-pilot.

Multicall Calldata Generator: An intent-based architecture that translates the user’s desired outcome into a set of on-chain instructions (what swaps to undertake, what debt to take out or repay, which assets to deposit into the Account and more), and after a user’s signature, are executed by the Account in a single transaction. Although any external party and individual user can generate their own multicall calldata, the Arcadia team offers this calldata generator to users of the Product for an improved UX.

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